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Plumbing Repair and Heating Contractor in Swanton, Vermont

Searching for impeccable heating service in Swanton, Vermont? Need timely plumbing services in Franklin? Green Mountain Plumbing & Heating Services stakes our reputation on providing the finest plumbing service in the area. Call (802) 379-9207 today for any plumbing emergency you may be experiencing, and our plumbing repair technicians will be on their way to save the day (or night). So, if your hot water stops heating, our technicians will be there in a hurry to complete your water heater repair.

We get it, that dripping from your leaky faucet is driving you crazy. That’s why we cover the entire scope of the residential plumbing industry, including faucet repair. Have a clogged toilet that you can’t seem to fix? If your problem is mainly concentrated in your bathroom area, count on our toilet repair service staff to keep you flushing.

“We’ll fix it 24/7.”

Finding leaks anywhere in your water delivery system is a homeowner’s nightmare. It’s especially frightening to realize you have frozen pipes that have busted. Let Green Mountain Plumbing & Heating Services locate and handle kitchen, bathroom, or water main pipe repair.

We offer plumbing installation too — (802) 379-9207

Here in Vermont, our winters can be particularly harsh. This is why it is important to properly maintain and service your heating system. Our heating contractors offer regular cleanings, emergency heating repair, and full installations. Green Mountain Plumbing & Heating Services even offers financing upon approved credit. This allows you to purchase that much needed heater installation without a wait.

From furnace repair to drain cleaning, you can trust Green Mountain Plumbing & Heating Services in Swanton. In emergencies, you can count on our team to be there as quickly as possible, and you can count on timely appointments fopr scheduled maintenance. To schedule your service with one of our licensed contractors, call (802) 379-9207 today!

Plumbing, Cooling & Heating Repair
Oil and Natural Gas Burner Service
Certified Technicians
24 Hour Emergency Service
Thawing and Repairing Frozen Pipes
...and much more

Green Mountain Plumbing & Heating Services in Swanton, Vermont provides expert heating and plumbing service in the greater Swanton area. Plumbing or heating problems? Our experts are trained to eliminate clogged toilets, clogged drains as well as fix oil and natural gas burners. We provide service for any of your plumbing, heating or A/C needs. For more information contact us at (802) 379-9207.

For more information about our services, please call us at (802) 379-9207 or visit our Services Page
Green Mountain Plumbing & Heating Services
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Green Mountain Plumbing & Heating Services
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Not a happy customer
Caroline K. in Alburgh 1 week and 5 days ago

(5 out of 5.0) At first, Allen seemed like a great person to work with. We need some work done on our heater and had a tight timeline. He had to come back repeatedly-4 times! We went past our bank-issued deadline and he still hadn't fully finished the job. He would show up late: without calling. And one day he was a complete no show. To top it all off, he had his father working with him, who, without asking, just assumed he could smoke in our non-smoking house and smoked a cigarette inside! Recently, our heater kept turning off by itself. We had different heating guy come to take a look at it and he found that Allen had left the internal damper closed so most of the exhaust was coming back into the house. We have two small children and are truly lucky that Allen's huge oversight did not lead to any serious injury or carbon monoxide poisoning! Watch out for this guy-where and how are you licensed?
Unprofessional, rude and dishonest
Gerald M. in St Albans 3 months ago

(1 out of 5.0) I hired Alan for a complete re-plumbing project on a duplex. On May 12, 2014, promised the rough plumbing would be done by March 30th, 2014. Came for a couple of hours in a couple of days and did not see again for a month. I filred him after 64 days, because he failed the state rough plumbing inspection. His drain pipes were back draining, did not vent properly, used cracked fitting, bushing in drains (not allowed, used wrong elbows, put pipes near interior walls and said "If a tenant hits one you will have to call me to come and fix it." Intentionally and unneceesarily put pipes through firewalls and Lied to state inspector. Brought the entire job to a shutdown, had to h8ire a new plumber, cost to repair failed inspection $4,000. After 64 days still had no working commode, when that was the first thing requested. Found out he lost his license once before and the state is filling against him to the licensing board. The state also told me to file with the BB Bureau.
Can Count on these guys!
Dale P. in St Albans 8 months ago

(5 out of 5.0) Had a problem where our furnace stopped working in the middle of the night. Alan was here by middle of the next morning. The problem was some condenstaion in a sensor line had actually frozen due to a draft in my basement. Alan had us up and running in less than an hour. Man during a Winter like this one of the scarest things that can happen is for that furnace to shutdown. Glad you can count on these guys!
Don't waste your money.
Sara J. in Georgia 10 months ago

(1 out of 5.0) Green Mountain Plumbing and Heating did a bathroom remodel to fix a rotted subfloor on a house I purchased about two years ago. Immeditally after moving in, the bathroom door would not close becaues of the visibly uneven subfloor. Within six months, the handle in the new shower broke off and a leak showed up in the basement in the exact same spot that prompted the remodel in the first place. When I called about the warrenty and to have someone come out and look at the leak in the basement, they blew me off with excuses or just ignored my phone calls. Don't waste your money, go to a real professional.
Great, Friendly Service
Abby E. in St. Albans 1 year and 7 months ago

(5 out of 5.0) A+! Allen was wonderful. When our furnace's glass water gauge broke on Friday night, spilling water onto our basement floor, he answered our emergency call late on Friday night and readily agreed to come look at it on Saturday morning. He was there bright and early on Saturday with a promise to fix it with the correct parts on Monday morning. He was patient, kind, and knowledgeable. The service was fast and the prices were fair. The furnace is working again and I would recommend Green Mountain Plumbing and Heating to my friends and family.
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